Sortie: Schwarz – Deep in the Game EP – Unruly Records.

5 Déc

This is an english-written post ! Monoglotte français, passe ton chemin !

Encore une fois, comme dirait Sach.
On en revient à Schwarz, notre ami de Baltimore, ou l’hiver est bien commencé.
On s’est dit que vu que demain sort son premier EP chez les gardiens du temple que sont Unruly Records, il était de bon ton de demander à Schwarz de se prêter au jeu de l’interview, écrite et trans-atlantiquement virtuele.
Le mieux, c’est de lire, et surtout de prêter une oreille à son premier EP. Deep in the Game. Profond dans le Jeu.
Ou comment Scwharz met une couche deep, sombre, et « je gol-ri aps » sur la musique Bmore Club.

Adam, who are you ? Where do you come from ? And where do you live now ?
I come from St. Louis, Missouri. I have been living in different parts of Baltimore since 2008.

What was your musical background as a teenager ? What music was played at home back in the days ?
I started playing guitar at a very young age, but by the time I was like 16 I was just super into Hip-Hop culture. After I dropped out of college I was just making rap beats for local rappers.

What music inspires you nowadays ?
I’m super into really fast and weird Baltimore, Philly, and Jersey Club, that I’ve just been finding out about over the internet b/c even I live in Baltimore I think alot of this stuff doesn’t have a real « scene ». Unless maybe I was 16 and going to the Skate rink. I especially like the producer Rip Knoxx ( , who has these amazing super heavy tracks, where there are all these « Whats » and crazy vocal samples but they are all like tuned to like the harmonic minor scale and fit in the compositions along side like nu metal samples.
I’m also into this other producer Yoshi;) ( who I’m going to be working on some stuff with me in the future. I also have gotten into ballroom/vogue house stuff like MikeQ, Kevin Jz Prodigy and Vjuann Allure. I got to DJ Vjuann’s night in DC and it was amazing.

How did you met Baltimore Club Music ? What does it inspires to you ?
I first heard Baltimore Club probablly in 2006. But it didn’t mean the same thing to me then as it does now. My perception of the music as well as the music itself is always morphing and evolving. I’m very thankful to know some one the best to ever do it like Scottie B, and Jonny Blaze, those guys are amazing.

What futur do you see for Baltimore Club Music ? Which evolution can you feel right now in this genre ?
I definitely think alot of stuff that is super fast and has a ton of vocal drops and samples coming in out, with like the crazy gunshots everywhere is something that will be done more and get a higher pofile. It’s really just young producers on soundcloud now doing it, but I think some people are starting to pay attention to it. I made a mix with my DJ Partner Mark Brown ( highlighting alot of this stuff.

What are your forthcoming projects ?
Deep in The Game EP on Unruly very soon. The « This is Shake Off » mix is going to be part of an ongoing series. I’m doing production work for DDM, who is featured on my EP. Also really excited about continuing to work with Vallejo, Ca rapper ISSUE. There’s also a bunch of other stuff. I’m always working on a lot of stuff, I just don’t know what or when stuff will make it out.

Any big-ups or shout outs ?
Yeah all the people I already name-dropped. Mark Brown. Rip, Scottie, Jonny, Vjuann, Derek. My cousin DJ Dog Dick. My boy Narwhalz. #BrianNicholson

Pour finir: la sortie, les remixs gratuits, et la bio de Schwarz, c’est ici : Schwarz on the web
Quand à Baltimore, et sa « all day Club soundtrack », c’est loin d’être fini…


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